Seiko 6138-0017 Yachtman

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    Picked this Seiko 6138-0017 Yachtman up today. Had no intention of buying anything at the NAWCC regional but this was there at a definite buy it now price.

    It's from October 1971.

    Looks original except for the crystal.
    Case finish looks original.
    Dial looks right.
    The dial has the 6138-0029T: international dial, with water resist indication nomenclature.


    Bezel Looks original to me.

    Seconds hand faded yellow consistent with sudials
    Subdial hands


    What other models share this crown?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Pushers. These look rught.

    How does the crystal look? I don't this the crystal is the right one.


    The stem is too long and we will replace or trim to the proper length.


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