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    Hello everyone and welcome to the Texas Watch Talk Forum.

    My name is Brian Leiser and I am a certified, Master Trained Watchmaker residing in the State Of Pennsylvania.

    As a start to many new forums, the lack of Vintage Citizen information is scarce.

    If you have searched the WUS forum, you will have noticed that Seiko and Citizen are mixed together as a whole Japanese group. A lot of really good Citizen articles are missed... and meeting other Citizen collectors is difficult to access due to a lot of non sense questions. I, as well as Mr. Cody are going to try to change that problem for you...."The Citizen Collector".

    The plan is to bring all of us together here. We will need your help by linking anything Vintage Citizen to this forum.

    Key word searches are "KEY" in finding information on the net.


    Citizen 8110a
    Citizen 67-9054
    Citizen 67-9313

    I am going to use this space by providing a large archive of my personal Vintage Citizen Watch Pictures using key words in the description.

    Along the way, I'm also going try different size pictures to see what the forum can support. That will be in a different thread as I'm strictly going to keep this Citizen only. I hope you will join us in helping create this site, and look forward to meeting all of you.

    Brian Leiser

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